Nudist beach Terschelling Oost

Last visited 16-06-2021

official nudist beach
length 14000 meter
paid parking at the Veerhaven
free parking at 620 m / 700 m
bus stop at 20 minutes
bicycle storage on 600 m / 540 m / 700 m / 300 m
not suitable for the disabled
sandy beach
water quality measuring point on the beach
sloping bottom
dogs allowed
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Terschelling is the second largest Wadden island and consists of approximately 80% nature reserve. The island has a length of 30 km with an average width of 4 km. On the east side of the island is the large European nature reserve the Boschplaat.

There are 15 villages and hamlets on the island, of which Terschelling-West is the largest. Most villages are located along the 15-kilometer main road from Terschelling-West to the easternmost village of Oosterend. Tourist cars are also permitted on the island, yet the bicycle on the island, with more than 80 km of cycle paths, is the most important means of transport.

Terschelling-West is the arrival and departure point of the Harlingen-Terschelling ferry. The duration of the crossing is approximately 2 hours with the ferry service and 45 minutes with the express service.

The Municipality of Terschelling has not included any provision on nude recreation in the APV. In De Sjouw, the information newspaper of Terschelling, on the page: information Municipality of Terschelling, with the recreational game rules, there is the following passage: Nude recreation in itself is not prohibited on the Terschelling beaches. However, we request that you do not recreate too close to the beach crossings in this way.

To the east of pole 12, the beach is very suitable for nude recreation, excluding the beach close to the beach entrance from the Hoornse Bos (pole 14.6) and the beach entrance Oosterende Badweg (pole 18).
The 16 km long beach has only 4 beach entrances (for cyclists), of which a beach pavilion is present at the following 3 beach entrances:

Formerum aan Zee (pole 11.6): Strandpaviljoen ZandZeeBar
At the end of the Badweg van Hoorn (pole 14.6) : Beach pavilion Cape Horn .
   This pavilion is not on the beach, but behind the dunes.
At the end of Oosterender Badweg (pole 18).
   Beach Pavilion Heartbreak Hotel .

There are no facilities on the nudist beach area. There is no bathing supervision on the beach. The closest supervised beach area is at Formerum aan Zee (post 11.6).

The long beach east of post 18.5 is ideal for taking a long naturist walk to the North Cape at the Amelander Hole. To shorten the route to the Amelander Gat, a part can also be cycled (dressed) on the dirt path behind the row of dunes. Please note, swimming at the Amelander Gat is due to the strong current dangerous.
Het naaktstrandje heeft een eigen officiële zwemwaterlocatie: Badstrand Hoorn. Voor uitgebreide informatie over deze zwemwaterlocatie, kijk op de site van
Recente controle: in orde

Tide for Terschelling Oost (source
Datehigh water referred to NAPlow water referred to NAP
today19-5-202406:29    +50 cm18:41    +79 cm00:35    -98 cm12:54    -87 cm
tomorrow20-5-202407:20    +61 cm19:32    +84 cm01:26    -108 cm13:46    -99 cm
day after tomorrow21-5-202408:05    +71 cm20:18    +87 cm02:11    -116 cm14:30    -107 cm
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