Nudist beach Pannekoekenplas


Last visited 31-08-2020

surface 0.3 hectares
free parking at 1700 m
bus stop at 25 minutes
bicycle storage on the beach
not suitable for the disabled
sandy beach
dogs on a lead allowed
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01-09-2020 Naaktrecreatie is hier niet meer mogelijk. De plas is afgesloten voor alle recreanten. Er zijn bordjes verboden toegang geplaatst (art. 460 Sr) en verder is het gebied afgerasterd. Er zijn nog wel enkele paadjes waar deze afrastering alweer vernield is.


The Pannekoekenplas & nbsp; is located on the south side of Oldenzaal and was created by clay excavation. Around the lake is through the years ago, a beautiful nature reserve has emerged that is not furnished for beach recreation. The terrain of around 10.5 hectare, is privately owned. The owner has it intention to dampen the puddle and make it suitable for farmland. The Municipality wants to keep the puddle and the strengthen natural value
On the east side, on the side of the Klootschietbaan, a small part is that for nude recreation is used. The area is unfortunately too, especially against the used for sex contacts.
The somewhat hilly terrain mainly consists of trees and scrubland, with a few small areas of grassland. On the water side are a number of small sandy beaches.

On the emergency west side there is a peninsula, the so-called gay island, which is mainly used for gay sex contacts. This area is not suitable for serious naturists.

There is no official swimming location here, so the swimming water is not checked here. The clear water has a rapidly sloping bottom and becomes fast deep. It has no defined swimming area and is therefore not suitable for untrained swimmers.
Also for experienced swimmers it is not recommended here swimming. Especially due to the large depth of the lake, there is a possibility dangerous cold currents.

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