Nudist beach Noordplas


Last visited 01-08-2008

surface 0 hectares
not suitable for the disabled
dogs allowed
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01-01-2009 Vanaf 2009 is alle recreatie aan de Noordplas verboden (dus ook naaktrecreatie !)


The Galderse Meren are located near the Galder junction, south of Breda.
The recreation area Galderse Meren is located on the south side of the A27 with an official area for nude recreation (also called Zuidplas).
The Noordplas is located on the north side of the A27. (Rasenberg Well). The North Lake has a nature function and is therefore not designed for beach recreation.
(mainly) nude recreation has been taking place at this lake for years.

The lake is located in a forest of approximately 15 hectares. Walks around the lake a narrow path with some open spaces on the water side. To the On the north side there is a slightly larger sunbathing lawn.
There are no sandy beaches.
There are no facilities on the nudist beach.

The clear swimming water has a quickly sloping bottom and has no defined swimming area. It is not suitable for inexperienced swimmers.

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