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surface 0.5 hectares
free parking at 210 m
bicycle storage on the beach
not suitable for the disabled
sandy beach
dogs allowed
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Note This site discourages nudist recreation here, because it wants to give space to the search for a new location. Moreover, it is no longer allowed to go outside the paths, which means that beach recreation on the pee is no longer possible. Nude recreation is according to art. 430a WvS allowed in any suitable place and therefore cannot be banned.

30-05-2016:  RTV Drenthe  Call for new Drenthe nude beach

25-05-2016:  NFN: Does a new recreational lake offer an opportunity for nude recreationists?

11-05-2016: De Grote Moere will be filled with 35,000 trucks of sand in ten years' time

25-04-2016: RTV Drenthe Zandwinplas De Moere fished empty to prevent massive fish kills

10-01-2015:It is becoming increasingly clear why the naturists had to leave the Grote Moere:

06-05-2014: Mayor is really past all shame with the retweet:
What is clear to this site, the Great Moere was not supposed to close because of the sexual nuisance, but because the neighbor (Erik Eefting of Outdoor Grolloo) had a crush on the area. An excuse is then quickly found.

06-05-2014: Naturists are eagerly looking for beautiful places to recreate in Drenthe. Sex tourists have ruined the nude walking at the Grote Moere in Grolloo. According to the Naturist Federation of the Netherlands, Drenthe offers too few opportunities for nude recreation. Drents Diep on the opportunities and limitations of naturism.

8-04-2014:End of the tolerance area for nude recreation at the Grote Moere.
Due to the work related to filling in the lake, it is in 2006 designated tolerance area for nude recreation has become virtually unsuitable for beach recreation. In order to combat sexual nuisance around the Grote Moere, the municipality of Aa en Hunze does not want to cooperate in designating another tolerance area for nude recreation at the lake and has withdrawn the decision for the tolerance area. This sexual nuisance is naked for many recreationists have also been an important reason to avoid the Grote Moere, which has given the sex recreationists the upper hand here.

The municipality is prepared to look for a suitable alternative location together with the naturists. Both and the NFN agree with the proposed solution and hope that the new location can be used as early as next year. It is of course a great pity that about 30 years of nude recreation in this beautiful nature reserve is coming to an end. regrets that the municipality did not inform the naturists of its own accord about the police actions in connection with the reduction of sexual nuisance, so that it only became clear at a late stage that nude holidaymakers can no longer go to the Grote Moere. The visitors to the site are therefore not well informed, which means that visitors to the lake may have wrongly received a ticket. The municipality of Aa en Hunze is being asked to bear the consequences of this unclear policy and to ask the Public Prosecution Service to dismiss these fines.

Tjipke Tasma, webmaster

23-04-2014: Mayor Eric van Oosterhout once again does have his say in the newspaper, instead of correctly informing the naturists.

23-04-2014:: The fine has arrived, just not for the promised nudity.
The agent apparently realized that the area is very suitable for nude recreation and that nudity is not eligible for a fine. So then you just change the violation in F055 afterwards (you can do that if you don't have your receipt book with you):

"Participating on or near the road or a place accessible to the public
in a gathering, unnecessarily imposing or challenging behavior
giving rise to disorder"

There is played a dirty game here at the Grote Moere.

20-04-2014:Webmaster of this site also receives the receipt.

Today I went to take a look at the Grote Moere in preparation for the conversation with Mayor Eric van Oosterhout of the municipality of Aa en Hunze on Friday 25 April. In a conversation with a municipal official, I was clearly told that the police actions are only targeting sex offenders.

After a beautiful afternoon, around 5 o'clock, a police check suddenly came along the lake. To my surprise, everyone was thrown on the receipt along the puddle. Dressed visitors, because they were not on the trails. And naked visitors for nude recreation. I myself was ticketed precisely because I was on the path alone in my nakedness.

It was striking that the officer could not explain to me on what legal basis I was given a ticket. From the tolerance zone I was just outside ( about 15 meters) he had never heard of. The only thing he could tell was that this was ordered by the mayor. From art. 430a WvS. this agent hadn't eaten much cheese and refused to discuss this. It didn't even contain a copy of my ticket, because you apparently also fine without (receipt book).

There are also several fines written along the road. As a precaution I had parked the car in Grolloo, so it was only one ticket.
I reported to the police as well as to the municipality that the signs (as far as I can judge) were placed illegally. So far I have not received any response.

The "law enforcement officers" quickly run away and do not dare to discuss art. 430a WvS. How can you enforce the law if you don't know it?

The mayor has a lot to explain on Friday!


A photo of nude recreation just outside the tolerance zone. (For the selfie, the camera was on the tolerance pole).

10-04-2014: 25 april go and the NFN in discussion with the municipality about the situation that has arisen as a result of the decision to tackle sexual nuisance along the lake. Due to the new full parking ban, the nudist beach is also bad for naturists reachable.
The municipality has already announced that nude recreation will continue to be allowed along the lake.
The (police) actions are exclusively aimed at the sex recreationists.

The NFN asks regular visitors to the nudist beach to report to

06-05-2014: Burgemeester is werkelijk alle schaamte voorbij met het retweeten:
04-01-2014: RTV Municipality takes action against defamation of Grote Moere.
Hooray, the municipality of Aa en Hunze, the police and Staatsbosbeheer will take action against sex recreationists at the lake.

Unfortunately, the municipality is going way too far with announcing a total parking ban along the lake. The area around the lake is and remains extremely suitable for nude recreation and even has a officially designated area for nudist recreation.
By making the area virtually inaccessible for motorists, the naturists are badly affected. This site has therefore objection (with Wob request) against the imposed parking ban. A parking ban was also imposed at the Laakse Strand a few years ago for the same reason, but this turned out to be legally untenable.
The introduction of a parking ban is only possible in connection with road safety and this does not seem to be an issue here. Furthermore, the municipality of Aa en Hunze violates the agreement with naturists to allow limited parking at the lake.
(press release Aa and Hunze May 18, 2006).

08-04-2014: From further research it appears that no traffic decision has been taken that has been published in the Government Gazette. The parking prohibition sign was therefore placed illegally by the municipality of Aa en Hunze.

To be continued without a doubt.

30-11-2013:The WOB request from a nudist beach, whereby all permits are requested that relate to filling the pond, yields nothing.
The only result of the investigation is the strange finding that Staatsbosbeheer does not have a permit to fill the pond.

26-11-2013:Residual waste Avebe necks fish Grote Moere

4-11-2013:New research into dead fish Grote Moere (DvhN)
Massive-fish mortality Grote Moere remains a mystery (rtvDrenthe)

After reporting in the guestbook and also in the local media about massive fish kills, a look at the Grote Moere. The stench of rotting fish hangs along the pond. And on the banks a lot of dead fish floats. A number of photos have been posted on the news page news page.

22-06-2013: Also this yes We are working full on filling the puddle again. At the beginning of the beach are a supply chain and equipment. In addition, a number of basins have been created in which drilling mud is stored. This drilling slurry is released during the construction of the NorgroN gas pipeline. In the guest book, visitors also complain a lot about odor nuisance around the lake. Look at the photo page for an overview of the work.

Although there is a lot of nuisance from the work, it is still possible to recreate.

17-07-2011: During the breeding/beach season, Staatsbosbeheer started the construction of a paved path at the lake to fill the lake. This especially causes a lot of nuisance on the official nudist beach section; There is often a lot of equipment here and a canteen. Soon Staatsbosbeheer will also send dogs to the naturists; dogs will be allowed to roam free here. When will the bullying of Staatsbosbeheer ever end?

Parking on Tienmaatsweg is now even more limited; parking is only allowed south of the main entrance (on the verge!). An estimated 100,000 lorries are needed for the damping. According to the planning, the redevelopment of the lake will take approximately 10 years, but how long can there still be naturist recreation?

Little is left of the official nudist beach by construction of the new paved road. Recreation on the road now seems to be the best option.


The Grote Moere, east of Grolloo, was created by sand excavation. The sand extraction started as early as 1938. Sand was last extracted here in 1999. The area around the pond of 15 hectares was not made suitable for beach recreation afterwards. , the owner of the lake, developed the plan to fill the lake and turn it into a nature park.

With the construction of this nature park, a beautiful piece of nature will be lost and the nudist beach will eventually disappear. It is a pity that an organization such as Staatsbosbeheer is cooperating in the destruction of this area.

At the beginning of 2008 a small part of the puddle muted has been muted. In 2010 another part of muted was filled in, this time with clay from the extension of the provincial government building in Assen. With the construction of a paved path in 2011, it seems that the damping is being intensified. At this point in 2014, about 50 meters of the 450-long puddle has been filled in.

Nude recreation has been taking place at the lake for more than 25 years. Since May 18, 2006 it has been given official status on the southeast side. The municipality has placed yellow posts and signs here. The signs contain the following text:
''Tolerance zone for unclothed recreation. During the period from April 15 to September 15 between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. within the area delimited by posts (yellow head).

The signs are soon stolen by vandals In practice nude recreation still takes place around the entire lake.

In 2004 an association was founded by visitors to the lake. The association closed in 2006 due to a lack of board members.

There are no facilities on the nudist beach.

The lake has not been made suitable as a swimming lake. The municipality advises against swimming here. Due to the great depth of the lake, up to 40 meters, large temperature differences can arise, which makes swimming life-threatening.
The bottom also slopes very quickly and is also unstable. There is no demarcated swimming area for children. Of course, there is also no monitoring of bathing water quality. The water used to be very clear, but has now become cloudy and clayey due to partial damping.

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