Nudist beach Groene Ster

Last visited 30-07-2019

official nudist beach
surface 3.2 hectares
free parking at 220 m / 680 m / 660 m
bus stop at 10 minutes
bicycle storage on the beach / the beach
reasonably suitable for the disabled
sandy beach
water quality measuring point on 450 m
sloping bottom
waste bins
no dogs allowed
kiosk on 700 m
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The Groene Ster is a recreation and nature reserve of approximately 1000 hectares on the east side of Leeuwarden. Since 1980 nude recreation has been permitted on a part of the Groene Ster. During the expansion and redesign of the area in 1995, the area for nude recreation was moved to an island that was accessible on two sides via bridges. Nude recreation was officially permitted on a part of the island, but over the years the entire island was used by the nude recreationists. A major redesign of the Green Star took place in 2012 in the context of improving water quality. The nudist beach seemed to have to disappear. After much protest the nudist beach could stay in the same place, but it has become considerably smaller. The island is connected on the west and east side with a dam, over which a through cycle path runs. As a result, the water is split into two compartments, the northern part is intended as swimming water for the textile beaches and the southern part, which also has the nudist beach, has a natural function

The nudist beach is separated from the cycle path behind by an earthen wall and a ditch. There is a sandy beach on the waterfront. There are also lawns. The gentle slope of the earthen wall can also be used as a lawn on the beach side. In the autumn of 2018, the last groves were removed and this area has now also become sunbathing area. The larger trees have remained standing and now, together with a few other detached trees, provide sufficient shade on a warm summer day. There are no further facilities on the nudist beach. In the summer, when the weather is nice, an ice cream man comes along on the nudist beach. There is a kiosk about 700 meters away (open daily during the summer). Toilets are also available here. On January 1 at 2:00 pm the New Year's reception takes place here together with a New Year's dive. The nudist beach has its own website with a lot of current information, which is updated daily from the beach during the summer. The swimming water is also suitable for less experienced swimmers due to the slowly sloping bottom (0 - 1.70 meters deep). There is no fenced swimming area for children. The view of the bathing water is limited by the peaty subsoil. Furthermore, watch out for the sharp freshwater mussels, when entering and leaving the water.

De dichtstbijzijnde officiële zwemwaterlocatie is Lytse Wielen op 450 meter afstand. Voor uitgebreide informatie over deze zwemwaterlocatie, kijk op de site van
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