Nudist beach Engelgaarde

Last visited 15-07-2020

official nudist beach
surface 0.2 hectares
free parking at 530 m
bus stop at 45 minutes
bicycle storage on the beach
not suitable for the disabled
sloping bottom
waste bins
dogs on a lead allowed
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The former Engelgaarde sand extraction lake is located on the northeast side of Meppel, near the town of Ruinerwold. The puddle is standing also known as the Blijdenstein hole.
There is forestation around the lake. The area is being used by divers, fishermen, walkers and beach guests.
The owner, the Stichting Engelgaarde , has in consultation with the naturist users designated a field on the south side for nude recreation.
There (preliminary draft June 2012) is provided by the province Drenthe worked on plans to design the area as moving and controlled water storage. It seems that not much will change for the beach.
& nbsp;
The nudist beach consists of a small lawn (not too big box), with a number of trees.
The grass is mowed only a few times a year, which means it is sometimes very long.
There are no facilities on the nudist beach. At a small distance from the beach lies the busy N375, with a busy one behind it railway line, so there is some noise pollution.

There is no official swimming location here, so the water quality is not checked here. The swimming water is very clear, because there is a natural in the soil which means that the lake is always pure water to provide.
The lake is approximately 15 meters deep and has no marked out swimming area.

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