Nudist beach Pier Delfzijl


Last visited 31-07-2009

length 500 meter
free parking at 5400 m
bicycle storage on the beach
not suitable for the disabled
sandy beach
water quality measuring point on the beach
sloping bottom
dogs on a lead allowed
kiosk on 5000 m
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23-11-2015 Ondanks eerdere toezeggingen dat de Pier na de bouw van het windmolenpark weer zou worden opgesteld, gaat de Pier niet weer open voor het publiek.


The port of Delfzijl is the largest in the north of the Netherlands. To protect the harbor against waves and to prevent the accumulation of dredging is a long pier built in the sea parallel to the coast. The pier has, including the Handelskade Oost, a length of 5.5 km. The pier itself is 4.3 km long, of which the first part is freely accessible. The & nbsp; last part is in the breeding season (early April to late July) officially not accessible.

On the dyke is the marking of the indicate the breeding season area. Some rare birds, such as the ringed plover, the fish thief, the little tern black-headed gull, has chosen the pier as a breeding area.
Especially in the breeding area, in the last 1.5 km, on the sea side is a narrow sandy beach present. On the last part of this beach you will also find nude recreation place.
In practice, it is also here during the breeding season recreated

The nudist beach can hardly be reached on foot, seen the large walking distance (5.4 km). There are no facilities on the nudist beach and in the immediate vicinity.

There is no official swimming place, so the bathing water quality not here & nbsp; checked.

Tide for Pier Delfzijl (source
Datehigh water referred to NAPlow water referred to NAP
today18-5-202408:44    +89 cm21:06    +124 cm02:32    -132 cm14:56    -114 cm
tomorrow19-5-202409:56    +100 cm22:09    +130 cm03:36    -145 cm16:00    -130 cm
day after tomorrow20-5-202410:54    +114 cm23:02    +137 cm04:29    -159 cm16:54    -145 cm
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