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Nude swimming in the Netherlands

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Do you also like to swim naked, but is it too cold outside? There are also plenty in the Netherlands in the winter season (globally from October to March). opportunities to swim without swimwear. On this page you will find an overview of the locations where nude swimming is possible.
The nude swimming is often organized by a nude swimming club where only members have access. Usually you can swim here once or twice to see if you like it. After that you can become a member. There are also a number of locations where access is free.

Always look at the site of the swimming club (under info) or at the pool, swimming days may be canceled!

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Swimming pool
Access Day
Frequency Info
Today (28-11-2023) can be swum here:


Naturistenpark Flevo-Natuur
Verblijfsgasten en leden NFNTuesday
Sportcomplex Het Marnix
Openbaar (vanaf 18 jaar)Tuesday
Wekelijks (check website Marnix)info

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