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Nudist beach Callantsoog

official nudist beach
between pole14,50 en 16,80
signposted length 2300 meter
on 1400 meters (north border)
op 2070 meters (south border)
bus stop at 20 min (north border)
bus stop at 30 min (south border)
bike parking at  1100 meters
blue flag sand beach water quality
gradual slope dams beach pavilion on 200 meters.
Dogs on a lead are permitted    

This is the first official nudist beach in the Netherlands.
The beach was legalised in 1973.

Nudist recreation is officially permitted between pole 14,25 and 16,8. This is clearly signed. Just before the nudist beach there is the beach pavilion ?Ja, Natuurlijk?. (See above photo). Through the placing of the pavilion, it is not officially on the nudist beach. Of course the beach pavilion is still naturistic.


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