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Nudist beach Meerwijck

The Zuidardermeer is 671 hectare in total, of this 120 hectares is shores/banks and reeds.
On the North side of the Zuidlaardemeer, by the recreational town Meerwijck, there is a section where nudist recreation is permitted.

A short time ago the nudist beach received a new location, right next to the much larger textiel beach. Nudist recreation is still present on the old nudist beach.

The New nudist beach
The beach is somewhat screened from the textiel beach. It is mainly a sandy beach. There are no facilities available on the nudist beach.

The swimming water has a gradual sloping under bed with a sectioned area.
The Old nudist beach (permitted)
The nudist beach is screened from the textiel beach, it is situated on the shore route to the recreational town Meerwijck.
The nudist beach is mainly laying meadows.
There is a toilet available on the nudist beach, no further facilities.

The swim water has a gradual sloping under bed, and is accessible via a small clearing.

The town does very little maintenance on the beach, this is to try to discourage nudist recreation.


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