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Nudist beach De Hoornse Plas

Next to the entrance there is a large parking area available. Closer to the nudist beach there is also another parking area, this is not always open. In total there is space for 1500 cars.

The start of the nudist beach.

The footpath that goes round the Hoornse plas, and also over the nudist beach.
On beautiful days it gets busy with walkers here.

A small sandy beach, with a separate section for children.
The sunny meadow along the water is mostly the busiest area on the beach.

Lovely clear water.

Sunny meadow, with a lot of shaded areas.

Sunny meadow with the view of the town Groningen

The snack bar, that is only open during busy periods.

The toilet block on the beach.

The secured bike park, only open by good beach weather.
Also there is a unsecured bike park here.

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