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Nudist Beach Groene Ster

Route to the beach
Free Parking.

Route planner     Google Maps:
GPS: 53.215632, 5.861967 (P2)
Route planner     Google Maps:  GPS: 53.216596, 5.869137 (P4)
Public transportations   9292ov:  Choose:
adres  fill in:  De Groene Ster, Leeuwarden

Blue line:   Walking route to the nudist beach  (P2= 250 meters, P4= 480 meters)
Red line:    Inside this area nudity is permitted (facing North from the footpath).
                     (On the map there is a fault it says that there is water where the
                      nudist beach is, please see satellite details also for the correct position).

Parking   Bus stop (on 10 minutes).

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